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Re: C Band Usage
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Subject: Re: C Band Usage
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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2018 20:19:56 -0600
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Thanks for your reply.  It put my mind at ease.


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On Dec 3, 2018, at 14:36, <harlanreinders@charter.net> <harlanreinders@charter.net> wrote:
It has been quiet of recent...

There had been quite a bit of discussion re: the FCC allowing the “C” band frequencies to be used by commercial wireless services between 3.7 and 4.2 GHz.

What’s the latest in this re:?

I (finally!!!) just finished up my study for my final project at my university on the integrity of the FCC’s IBFS database; now that I’m done (and set to graduate with my Masters in Engineering Management) I have enough time to pass on some interesting stats.

In short, the final tally is as follows as of Nov. 6 (the filing window closed on Oct. 31., 2018): Pre-freeze sites registered before the 4/19/2018 freeze: 3,606 unique lat/long coordinates (“sites”)
Post-freeze sites registered during the filing window:   9,878 unique sites
Latter-day Saints church registrations:   3,161 unique sites
Everyone else:   6,717 unique sites

Total currently authorized in the FCC database: 13,484 unique sites
Note these numbers are slightly lower than those in the images in the linked article below because of duplication that was eliminated as part of my study.

Average % registered correctly (at the dish itself):
Pre-Freeze: 16%
Post-Freeze-LDS:   1%
Post-Freeze-Other: 53%
Entire IBFS: 29%

Percent of Sites that show no satellite dish in most-current imagery:
Pre-Freeze: 30%
Post-Freeze-LDS   0%
Post-Freeze-Other   3% (most likely due to imagery not being recent enough)
Entire IBFS: 13% (mostly influenced by the large contingent of pre-freeze missing sites)

(I have more stats but won’t post them here for the sake of brevity.)

Per FCC regs, any modification to the facilities that render the site non-operational for 90 days results in automatic termination of the license, but the problem is that the sites lacking a dish at this point have not notified the FCC that the dish is gone, so many 15-year registrations still appear as currently authorized.

The FCC’s Order that was issued at the same time as the NPRM directs all *pre-freeze* licensees to certify/validate their site’s location and operational status, but I have not yet seen that Order be implemented with a Public Notice instructing licensees how and where to do so. (I’m open to correction on this, though.)

The SBE filed a good comment to the FCC; it was highlighted recently in a Radio World magazine. Here’s a link: http://bit.ly/2BOYE5j

I hope this helps!
Sherrod Munday

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