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RE: Hurricane Michael
To: "'CRTech'" <crtech@crtech.org>
Subject: RE: Hurricane Michael
From: "Wiely Boswell" <wiely@faithradio.org>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2018 16:37:52 -0500
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Lost power near Dothan.. Called FAA Flt Service
Will try to get there tomorrow
Just remember the people in the path..
Wiely Boswell

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From: Tom Bosscher [mailto:tom@bosscher.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 4:27 PM
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Subject: [CRTech] Hurricane Michael

For stations in the path of Michael, how are you holding up?

Anything the rest of us can help you with?

Watching the storm down there, it is indeed intense. hard to imagine
facilities at 150 mph+ winds.

It is a rainy day in Michigan, but I'm sure not complaining.

Let us know how you are doing and your needs.

Tom Bosscher

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