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Re: Tubes for sale
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Subject: Re: Tubes for sale
From: Alan Kilgore <wrvm.engineer@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 07:26:45 -0500
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Someone taking a tube from a 30kW transmitter to build an amplifier limited to 1.5 kW? It would not be done for purposes of efficiency! The filament power alone would use 1kW power even with the high Voltage turned off. (6.3V x 160 Amps)

I envision a parallel scenario of someone retro-fitting the jet engine from a jet plane to power a Honda Civic operating within a 65 MPH speed limit. It can probably be done but it would be exceedingly impractical. Does anyone *really* believe the intent would be to always operate such a contraption within the 65 MPH speed limit?

On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 4:22 AM Terry Cowan <tcowan@knlr.com> wrote:

This would far exceed the authorized power for the amateur radio service

Terry Cowan


On 09/25/18 21:04, Sherrod Munday wrote:
On Sep 25, 2018, at 15:32, Jim McDermott <jim@spiritfm.org> wrote:

I had an old QEI FM30000B that had the copper stolen out of it several years ago. I decommissioned it and there were two 3CX15000A7's with it, one is a new (rebuilt) in the box and the other I pulled from the socket. Anyone here still using any of these?

If not for broadcast, there may be some amateur radio operators who might be interested in it.  A quick Google search reveals it as one of the models of tubes which hams use in their home-brew amplifiers.

Check out http://sv1doq.blogspot.com/ and http://www.cqdx.ru/ham/qro-qrp/home-made-25-kw-pa/ and search for that model on the page.

Sherrod Munday

Alan Kilgore, CPBE
WRVM Chief Engineer
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