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RE: Phone Line Selection
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Subject: RE: Phone Line Selection
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Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2018 11:02:46 -0700
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Sandman has a couple devices that may work.   http://www.sandman.com/


24VDC latching relay controlled by a couple Modular Ring Relays.


Wire latching relay to select one of two lines, and Modular Ring Relays on each line ahead of the latching relay.






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Subject: [CRTech] Phone Line Selection


Hello Brain Trust…Looking for a way to have a Burk remote control answer two separate incoming POTS (think main/backup). Wanna keep it as simple as possible. Found one device online from Malaysia ($35.00) that should work, but their website ordering is broken: http://www.mycomsolutions.com/ax520/ax520.htm. Thought about relay driven by ringing voltage on “line two”. Needs to be pretty foolproof.


Any ideas?





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