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Re: Software "sniffer"
To: CRTech <crtech@crtech.org>, Alive Radio <events@aliveradionetwork.com>
Subject: Re: Software "sniffer"
From: dave allen <crtech-mail@reyware.us>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 09:06:04 -0600
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hmmm. what rev is your UI? latest is 1.31.45. lots of improvements. that would be a good place to start, especially if you're still at 030, the last 'mandatory' update. we've been wanting to send out another mandatory update for many months now, but the 'feature creep' keeps it from settling down enough to do that. so we hope folks having trouble (or not having trouble) will check the UI updates (Help menu) and keep themselves up to date.

dave allen

On 7/26/2018 8:58 AM, Alive Radio wrote:
For the second time this month our AMR-100 UI froze at some point overnight.  Therefore all morning programs were from the day before until the software was restarted.  Looking for a “sniffer” program that could email or text me if the software freezes.  
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