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Re: Weekly EAS tests
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Subject: Re: Weekly EAS tests
From: Kevin Trueblood <kevin@neptuneradio.net>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2018 16:09:24 -0400
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It has always been available in the ENDECs. The TFTs had them too.


On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 3:15 PM, Alan Kilgore <wrvm.engineer@gmail.com> wrote:
We use the browser to control our Sage ENDEC and I do not see any practice mode on any of the pages that I checked. After seeing other responses, I went to the rack and tried the front panel to discover the practice mode. I never noticed that before. Was that also available on the old Grey box?

Very good point, Andy, about asking Sage to include a log note about the practice mode.

On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 1:40 PM, Terry Cowan <tcowan@knlr.com> wrote:


You may have discovered an anomaly in the Sage software.  The Practice mode does send a test but without  switching the Sage audio relays.  You are correct that it does not show as a Practice Test if you query the Sage log.  However, I have the Sage "dumping" the log to a computer and here is what the computer log  shows:

Practice Alert sent at 07/23/18 11:35:44
An EAS Participant has issued a Required Weekly Test for Crook,
OR, Deschutes, OR, Jefferson, OR, Klamath, OR, Lake, OR, Wasco,
OR, and Wheeler, OR beginning at 11:35 am and ending at 12:35

Terry Cowan


On 07/23/18 11:00, Alan Kilgore wrote:
Hello, Andy.

I never heard of a "practice test" mode on an EAS unit. We use the Sage ENDEC-D.

If I wanted to do a "Practice test" then I would have to route the programming around our EAS unit to prevent it from interrupting our broadcast. So, our box would not "know" whether it was bypassed and it would not be able to discern the difference between a practice and a regular test.

Perhaps you are using a unit from a different manufacturer. 

On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 12:27 PM, Andy Larsen <andy@whwl.net> wrote:
Probably a stupid question about weekly EAS tests--more because I'm scratching my head at this.

I was checking our EAS log from last week, and saw two tests sent a couple hours apart. When I pulled the operating log to see if both had been scheduled, I remembered why. The first one had been sent in practice mode--not on-air. I was training in a new employee and just wanted to walk her through the process since a test was scheduled later in the morning. The Sage log shows NO indication that it was a practice test. The details in the log are identical, other than the date & time.

I have not gone to look up the rule, but I think the weekly tests need to be on-air, so it actually tests the functionality of the unit, don't they? If a station wanted, they could send all their weekly tests in practice mode, and the only way it would make a difference is if the FCC were listening and comparing actual on-air content to the logged tests. Obviously an LP station would have to be on-air for downstream stations to receive tests. I'm thinking of a station like us at the bottom of the food chain, where nobody is listening for our EAS tests.

I would have thought the Sage would stamp a practice test as such--never noticed before that they weren't. Thoughts?

Andy Larsen

Gospel Opportunities, Inc.
130 Carmen Drive
Marquette, MI  49855

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Alan Kilgore, CPBE
WRVM Chief Engineer

Alan Kilgore, CPBE
WRVM Chief Engineer

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