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Re: Time for a new or rebuilt tube
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Subject: Re: Time for a new or rebuilt tube
From: Pat Wahl <pwahl@wwib.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 12:58:08 -0500
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I better chime in here too. Over the last thirty-some years, we have always received the best service from Econco. Our recent rebuilds have been even better, in fact. I do remember one occasion where we received a tube that wouldn't load well and the replacement was a no-go. They rushed us a third tube and we were set. Sorry for those with bad experiences recently. I don't know what the statistics are on average or for the various kinds of tube builds. Does anybody? 

We use the 4CX12000A (BE FM20T). In earlier years it was the 4CX15000A in the Gates/Harris FM20H3.

Pat Wahl
Chippewa Falls, WI 

On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 9:48 PM, KBGN AM <kbgn@kbgnradio.com> wrote:

Though I am now considering a current upgrade from our Sparta/Bauer 10kw transmitter that doesn't owe us anything, I must say that I have had nothing short if excellent service from the people and tubes from Econco for decades. I just replaced a rebuilt 4CX15000A which was still running after serving for more than 3 years. Two Econco 4CX5000 modulators continue  doing their jobs for nearly as long. The Econco warranty is as good as gold on the very rare tube that comes up short of the warranteed hours.

Just sayin'.

Nels Wilson

On Jul 19, 2018 at 4:11 PM, <Terry Cowan> wrote:

You should have Nautel do an analysis for your client.  Depending on the power rate, the savings in power, tubes and maintenance may provide a quicker payback  than you think.  And no I don't have any pecuniary relationship with Nautel.


On 07/19/18 10:35, Tommy Gray wrote:
Yep that would be preferable but none of these small market stations have that kind of money!


Tommy Gray 

On Jul 19, 2018, at 12:02 PM, Terry Cowan <tcowan@knlr.com> wrote:

The best thing I did was buy a new Nautel.  Don't miss changing tubes in the middle of the night at all

Terry Cowan


On 07/19/18 09:48, Tommy Gray wrote:
Hi folks!  I too would love to see what alternatives folks are using instead of Econco.  Out of 5 rebuilts we have received from them this year, 3 have been bad out of the box.  Two dead at startup and one lasted 30
Minutes before an internal
Short killed it.  The one that worked lasted a little
Over 6 months before not making sufficient power to keep them.   This is in 4 different transmitters so it has to be tubes.  We finally started buying new tubes lately.  Changing a tube three times just to get a good one is a pain!  

The owner of one of the stations asked me about National.  Any experience with these for new ones.  All my experience with them
Is many years back.  We are using 3CX15000A7 and 3CX20000A7.


Tommy Gray 

On Jul 19, 2018, at 11:37 AM, Dave Land <dave@klvv.com> wrote:

I know this has been discussed before but I can't find the old emails. We need a new or rebuilt 4CX7500A. I see that RF Parts has a Taylor brand new one for $1795 while ECONCO wants $1949 to rebuild our old one.
Anybody tried the Taylor? Or a suggestion for another rebuilder?
Thanks in advance...
Dave Land
Chief Engineer
The Love Station, Inc.
Ponca City, OK

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