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Re: Cameron about Nicom or PSI
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Subject: Re: Cameron about Nicom or PSI
From: Dave Obergoenner <daveobergoenner@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 11:30:47 -0500
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I have several of the Nicom's in service at various locations.
The first went up almost 10 years ago.  The first unit they sent us had very high SWR at 107.9, our operating frequency.  They sent a replacement, and it has worked very well for all these years.  The others are a few years newer, but again, they have been no problem.

That "fist-sized" radome (actually more like two fists) covers the gamma match feed-point, which is were that antenna design is the most sensitive to ice.  We use them on all of our BKG-77's, and have very little increase in SWR with ice.  It does the job.  Don't order one without it if you are in an area that gets any ice.  It also protects that critical point of the antenna from corrosion.  So, I'd suggest it for everyone.

I've swept all of ours when they went up.  I'd say most of them actually looked pretty decent at the low end of the band.  They generally look better down there than they do up above 105.5 mhz.

Since they are aluminum, they are also very light.  That's been a concern for us at a couple of sites where the towers were nearly maxed-out.

I wouldn't hesitate to put up more of them.

Dave O.

On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 5:56 PM, Cameron Beierle <manager@kacs.org> wrote:

Could the think tank here on the forum give their input please?


We are constructing a transmitter site under 1Kw, omni-directional, non-commercial band and have narrowed the choice down to one of two antennas.  We have good price offers on both, but a difference of several hundred dollars between them.


One is the Nicom BKG77, the other the PSI FML-1B-HR.  Our Consulting engineer says either will work, but didn’t provide a preference or advice on either.  We want the best possible performance and signal for the available funds, so would appreciate any advice on these two you  might have.


Anyone using these particular units?  Strengths, issues, problems?







Cameron Beierle

General Manager

KACS-KACW-KBSG Family-Friendly Radio

Chehalis Valley Educational Foundation

SW Washington’s family radio service

2451 NE Kresky, Unit A

Chehalis, WA  98532




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