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Re: TX Site Security Systems
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Subject: Re: TX Site Security Systems
From: Tom Bosscher <tom.bosscher@cornerstone.edu>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2018 11:22:10 -0400
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There are a thousand way to install an alarm. Any alrm system has three parts:

1.    What triggers it (door sensors,photo-eyes etc)
2.    What enables it (keypad/switch etc)
3.   What you do with the alarm condition (siren, light, whatever).

I helped a guy in another state design a kinda different alarm system. First, when you walk into a building, there are light switches by the door. He has a two gang box. We put a four gang in. The two middle switches control the lights. But the two outer ones? They immediately triggered an alarm condition.

He had door sensors, 28 gauge break wire across the filter area (where one could crawl in). But, if the alarm was triggered, nothing happened.

For 40 seconds. Then the alarm box overrode the local light switches, and would flash the lights, including the outside lit, on and off about twice a second. Then, we installed a mp3 audio player, with a most unique audio track. The 1st part was an announcers voice "Hello, your intrusion has been detected. the following agencies are in route (and then a recording of the local 911 and the state police answering their phone). Please stay for verification of identity. And then, and I thought about this for a long time. You want a siren sound right? Well, everyone ignores those. What sound would drive the bad guys out and draw attention to the site? I found the answer when I visited the kids play area at a local mall. Those 3 year old girls and their blood curling screams. We recorded those, made a loop, and put that on the end of the MP3. 4 cheap horn speakers inside the building. Set volume of screams to hurt.

Not even 3 months after the install. It worked. They bad guys used a sledge hammer to get the door to open. They left the sledge hammer at the site! Neighbors 3 blocks away wondered why little girls were screaming at 3 am.

Your mileage may vary.

But, the cameras and DVR's today. So cheap. and many times, the bad guys will scope your place out. You'll see them checking out the place.

Have fun, use your imagination.

On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 10:54 AM, Tom Van Gorkom <tomvangorkom@gmail.com> wrote:
First, thanks to all those who gave their opinions and experiences with AM audio processors. Very helpful. I read up on the theory/issues with AM sound too - a different animal from FM.  I'll be making a decision soon.

Our AM site security system died - an old Radio Shack and I'm looking for a replacement - perhaps with a couple cameras as well. I don't want to go with a service or connect it to law enforcement at this time - just a DIY system that sounds a loud alarm and allows me to see inside and outside remotely. Any suggestions?

Tom Van Gorkom
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Tom Bosscher
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