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Re: Vinyl to outlast CDs? (Compression +/-)
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Subject: Re: Vinyl to outlast CDs? (Compression +/-)
From: Matty <matty@xmusiconline.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2018 21:27:46 -0400
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Correct but also remember iTunes uses 256kbps AAC which is less bit reducing than the typical mp3 etc that you find in most places online.

My understanding Best Buy wanted the space to put other stuff - If you have noticed in the last handful of years Best Buy was already reducing their audio and video offerings to allow more space for Cell Phone knickknacks.  (Of course they should watch out we all know what becoming a cell phone store did to Radio Shack).

- Matt

On 7/6/2018 12:31 PM, Joe Quinn wrote:
I know iTunes does not have  anything higher than 256k

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