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Re: FCC Dish Registration
To: CRTech <crtech@crtech.org>
Subject: Re: FCC Dish Registration
From: Barry Mishkind <crtech@oldradio.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 12:43:06 -0700
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At 12:06 PM 6/22/2018, Kevin Kidd wrote:
>I was very concerned when I first started reading that they were "proposing" to share C-band. I was cynical about the supposed protections to existing licensed sites.   I was astounded that they were further proposing to allow mobile devices...

        It sure did seem like the broadcast industry was a 
        bit blind-sided. That is one of the reasons the BDR
        has been trying to raise the awareness and the

        This past week the NAB has been said to be quite 
        active is pressing to remove ownership limits on
        broadcasters. They did make a statement on C Band,
        I think, but there is so much industry pressure
        missing. If you look at the Comments the FCC has
        received, it sure is divided. But, then I ask: what
        about all those other frequencies the cell companies
        asked for and bid for but are not really using? Is
        the tiny slice for broadcasters to get program
        service the only place they can go - or only
        where the money sees the easiest, low-hanging
        fruit?  Ron Schacht's op-ed on the BDR 
        identifies how important this issue is for many
        who are not really paying attention. 
>I am going to say that it is going to happen.  There is a LOT of money pushing the issue and the FCC is already hearing the auctioneers gavel.  

        Sadly, I fear you are right .. and, while some Staff
        are getting the message, it is interesting that Pai 
        and O'Reilly say different things to the broadband
        people while telling us how much they support

        Or, maybe the only broadcast they support is only
        live and local????

>They will probably re-farm half of the spectrum and pack all sat signals into the other half and leave the downlinks to chase rouge interference.

        Yep. Some C Band now is likely to be end up
        in broadbanders' hands .. and interference
        mitigation might become a new industry.

        Of course, broadcasters have a huge pulpit
        to generate public comments to the FCC. To
        bad the communications industry is not
        communicating as it could/should.

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