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RE: Fwd: Transmitter down ! !
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Subject: RE: Fwd: Transmitter down ! !
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Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2018 20:02:43 -0700
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I recently replaced a faulty phase monitor relay in a Harris HT30CD.   Fortunately that transmitter had a front panel warning light for “phase loss” which pointed me in the right direction.   But the relay was intermittent and the front panel light only came on when the relay was actively turning off the transmitter.




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Thank you all. Im not working on the transmitter, just trying to help our engineer in another market. i have relayed most of the suggestions here. Last i heard there was a phase imbalance on the incoming power so hes trying ro correct that and hopedully its back to normal.


I have had a faulty phase monitor on my Harris ht25fm. It appeared to be ok, with no fault indicated on the front but it wouldn't start


Had to call gates air and the guy at the factory had me check a few things and finally said are tou sure the phase monitor is good? The light is on right? Yeah the lights on, but ive got another one up here if you want me to swap it. Swapped and it started right up.


They must be troublesome, it was one of the few spare parts the last engineer kept on hand.


Reminds me i should order another one to put on the shelf....

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