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Live remotes - follow up
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Subject: Live remotes - follow up
From: Bob Morris <Bobmorris54@outlook.com>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 21:43:11 +0000
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Thread-topic: Live remotes - follow up

Thanks to all who responded to my last inquiry on how you folks manage internet connections for live remotes.

At this point we’ve decided on how to get an internet connection remotely. Decided on Cradlepoint AER1600 with built-in Verizon modem. I checked out the Sierra Gateway but it was the same price as the Cradlepoint so we are staying with what we know. USB modems seem to be going away so I am reluctant to return to that method of operation.


We are looking at codecs now. Of course we want stable operation and we’d like to have a codec than monitors the quality of the internet connect and adjusts accordingly. We’re also need to consider ease of operation by non-tech personnel as well as long-term reliability and viability (support) but we really also want duplex communication between studio and remote with minimal delay – something our current Barix configuration does not give us (not dissing Barix here, just stating facts). Our choices are boiling down to

1.       Axia Z/IP One (on both ends) with a separate pre-amp and headphone amp for the remote location to manage mic and headphones and take in line-level feeds from external FOH mixer consoles.

2.       Comrex Access NX (remote end) and Comrex BRIC Link at the studio.

3.       Barix makes a couple boxes that can do the duplex job but they don’t monitor quality of the internet connection and adjust accordingly. However, since BARIX has served us so very well in the past for minimal cost, I feel compelled to consider this option.


I would appreciated you guys weighing in on these options and perhaps sharing how you handle the “live’ part of the remote once you have an internet connection. If you can share your experiences and recommendations that would be most appreciated. Other options can still be put on the table at this stage of the game if you have ideas I have not considered.


I’d really like to get some expert feed-back before I plunk down some hard-earned coin here.


Many thanks in advance.


Bob Morris

Engineer, Wells of Salvation Studio (www.wellsofsalvation.com)

Engineer and Chief Fixer-upper, Faith and Friends Radio (www.faithandfriendsradio.com)

(937)416-1245 (cell)

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