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Re: Turbo Emails
To: CRTech <crtech@crtech.org>
Subject: Re: Turbo Emails
From: Michael Barnes <barnmichael@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 12:20:11 -0700
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Seeing the previous posts, I never gave this much thought, as I recalled often seeing Turbo's comments. However, with this particular thread, I realized that I, too, am not receiving any post directly from him.


On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 10:35 AM, Nathaniel Steele <nathaniel.steele@icloud.com> wrote:
Same here.

Ill also note that i have moved from CO to TN and am on different ISP's so i think the issue is on his end or related to his end of the chain anyway....

Still odd that some of us get them....

On April 27, 2018 12:00:37 PM Kevin Kidd <kkbroadcastengineering@gmail.com> wrote:

I received the reply but not the original...

Kevin C. Kidd, CSRE/AMD
Lawrenceburg, TN
AM Ground Systems Company  -  WD4RAT
kkidd@kkbc.com  --  866-22-RADIO -- 866-227-2346

On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 11:52 AM, Terry Cowan <tcowan@knlr.com> wrote:

So I will reply to the list for those who did not receive the post below.

Terry Cowan


On 04/27/18 09:37, JIm Turvaville wrote:
I am humbled and amused that so many seem to not get my emails..  and Sherrod has some good thoughts on what may be the issue. 

When I post, I typically will be reading a post and click REPLY which takes me to an email already addressed to the list server.  

This one, I have created fresh just selecting the list from my address book. 

Here's to sleuthing and testing..

Jim "Turbo" Turvaville 
SBE Certified Radio Engineer 
Turbo Technical Services 
 PH: 719-459-1859 

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