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Re: Turbo Emails
To: CRTech <crtech@crtech.org>
Subject: Re: Turbo Emails
From: Barry Mishkind <crtech@oldradio.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 10:26:10 -0700
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At 09:52 AM 4/27/2018, Terry Cowan wrote:

So I will reply to the list for those who did not receive the post below.

        There are three or four distinct issues that can cause
        the problems. Some are easily fixed, some are not.

        The most pernicious are the "filters" that get put in place
        by users or ISPs. Among the worst has been barracuda,
        unless carefully configured. Others are just plain dumb.

        As Terry  and others know, I often reach out to people
        whose systems bounce email, when I can determine
        that is what happens.  Sadly, there is something in
        Terry's system that apparently rejects email from
        thebdr.net - but has not yet been found.  (I can also
        note that this past week's Newsletter was bounced
        by a couple of filters for having "a prohibited word." 
        I still have no idea what that word was.) I've asked
        a few, but no one has replied.

        (This is such a major problem that each month I usually
        find 8-10 people who have gone to the BDR Newsletter
        page ( https://lists.thebdr.net/mailman/listinfo/bdr )
        and thinking they signed up, never got the opt-in
        confirm message because of some filter or other

        This sort of issue could be due to filters that push
        everything to spam, especially if *someone else* on
        that service has marked an address as "spam."

        Others are killed off by the AOL/YAHOO/ATT/etc mess with
        the DKIM and DMARC flags. In this case, it is a decision by AOL,
        etc. to simply dev/nul any email that has different "Sender"
        and "From" fields.  This required a complete changeup on
        the way the BROADCAST list operates, for example.
         Periodically, we discuss this, when someone raises the issue.

        Then there is the matter of RBLs that are employed by
        various ISPs. My ISP is a cable company. A good friend
        and great engineer in the Phoenix are is on the same
        system. Yet, often I can't send him email.  At one point,
        after ten calls - right up to home office in Atlanta - we
        finally discovered someone on my node (of nearly 1000
        users) had been bad and *the whole node* was
        blocked from many recipients. You can get around that
        by buying "Business Service" for about $200 base a month.

        As you can see, it might be one or more issues. I have a
        suspicion where part of this problem with Jim is .. but
        it is not something about which I can do anything.      

        hope this helps explain a things a bit.

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