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RE: Remote Codecs, Comrex vs Tieline vs ??
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Subject: RE: Remote Codecs, Comrex vs Tieline vs ??
From: Jon Foreman <Jon@ksgn.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 16:41:03 +0000
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Thread-topic: [CRTech] Remote Codecs, Comrex vs Tieline vs ??

Like Dan I have used only the Comrex Access units.


We use a Comrex Access portable with Verizion wireless connections for our local remotes. We have had hours long, both local wireless local and cross country connects with remote units over the internet, including one that is a Comrex BRIC-Link II.


Yes, only one connection per rack unit at a time.


I have not implemented it yet, but they have a feature, Crosslock, that can use more than one connection and “keep you connected” as long as at least one connection is working at the moment.


Latency is minimal and dependent on the connection. We have been using the AAC LD (low delay) codex with good results.



From: Dan Grimes [mailto:dan@grimesgaggle.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 9:11 AM
To: Jeff Heins <jlheins0001@gmail.com>; crtech@crtech.org
Subject: Re: [CRTech] Remote Codecs, Comrex vs Tieline vs ??


I don't know anything about the TieLine system so I cannot compare but I am a big fan of the Comrex ACCESS system.  We have two Comrex ACCESS Portables (one from 2009 and one from 2014) plus a Comrex ACCESS Rack in the main studio.  I don't think both Portables can be connected to the Rack at the same time.

We also have the side mixer for one of the Portables.  It is a decent mixer and foolproof to operate.

The codec in the Comrex is very good, even at low bit rates.  I have only used it over network connections so I can't say how it sounds on POTS.

I have had no problems transversing firewalls and going through NAT routers.  We keep things rather tight on our firewall.

I have had no dropped calls.  In fact, our Hybrid has given us more problems than our Comrex.  And I like that Comrex has a device you can connect to at their office for testing.  We have used the units with conferences connecting Las Vegas to Washington DC and other distant cities, being connected for hours without a glitch.  Latency is low but noticeable for live, two-directional conversations.

Comrex continues to give us free firmware updates and supports all units, allowing them to work with each other even though they are different generations.  So our oldest unit still works with the newest.  I appreciate their support.

Just my opinion on Comrex.  There are likely more opinions out there, especially to compare the two system against each other.




On 4/23/2018 10:22 AM, Jeff Heins wrote:

We went with TieLine when we set up our new location because we have functioning legacy G3 units, so we didn’t have to replace “everything” just added on capacity.


Other than saying we had a demo unit for a while that handled the multiple mono feeds, no real world experience with it. We use BridgeIT’s at the new facility, studio G3 at the old and G3 remotes and/or the ReportIT iDevice/Android app off site. They all play well together.


At our new facility, we’re an Axia installation, with a VX Prime. I’m interfacing the BridgeIT’s with Axia via AES in/out. It just works.


I built an Asterisk flavor phone system, that handles the VX and the office extensions, SIP trunks and off site extensions. You can connect a SIP extension on asterisk to the BridgeIT, and “call” a VX extension that way, not sure about registering an external BridgeIT directly to a VX – never tried. BridgeIT to asterisk and asterisk to VX is easy, and would run at a G.722 quality level, so “VoIP HD Quality” – better than pots, sound really good actually.


Depending on how homebrew you want to go, you could use a laptop and a mackie type mixer at the remote, with a VoIP softphone app running G.722 and connecting to the asterisk/VX. That would eliminate a hardware codec box at the remote site – which may or may not be good, depending on the remote talent. An alternative to that would to use a VoIP desk phone and take the headset audio in/out to your mixer and headphone amp. You’ll have to play around with pads and levels probably but the phones themselves are “4 wire” so you don’t need a hybrid in play.


I will throw out a caution, to get asterisk to work with remote extensions without putting a VPN in the mix, you have to expose things to the open internet. If you do it right, things work great. Do it wrong, and you’re open to hacking and abuse and international hacked calls, etc. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t expose the thing to the world without help from someone that does.



Jeff Heins

My Bridge Radio Network



From: nathaniel.steele@icloud.com [mailto:nathaniel.steele@icloud.com]
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2018 11:55 AM
To: 'CRTech'
Subject: [CRTech] Remote Codecs, Comrex vs Tieline vs ??


I’ve been asked to investigate remote gear, It looks to me like I can choose between Tieline and comrex or some smartphone app based solutions. For now lets discuss just the first two.


I’d like some thing self contained, at least two mics, an optional expander is a bonus but I could just as easily add a small mackie mixer. It Seems like both companies offer solutions that meet this criteria.


Variety of connection options with fallback. Again, both companies seem capable of this


We have four stations so I might eventually have 4 remote units. Comrex looks like I’d need four station units to do four simultaneous remotes (which could actually happen at times) Tieline has a “studio” unit that can accept six mono inbound connections. There are pro’s and cons to each, basically cost vs all eggs in one basket.


We do sports remotes on two stations for TTU, they have an older Tieline G3 system, which belongs to them, it would still work with a new tieline system. Currently the two studio units have issues, one wont connect via IP, one won’t work on POTs(which is backup only, I use a Gentner DH20 instead if we need POTs) these tieline G3’s belong to TTU.


So 2 ties, a toss up (cost vs redundancy) and a win for tieline.


Anyone have anything to say, like or dislike, about the two.


Also I am hoping to get a Telos VX phone system, both comrex and tieline are SIP compatible, would I be able to “Call In” to the telos and not need an Access rack or Merlin at the studio? With better than analog phone quality?


Thanks, I haven’t done much with remote gear in the past, it was always a record and email situation…..




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