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Re: SEMI TECH: "Windifying" LINUX
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Subject: Re: SEMI TECH: "Windifying" LINUX
From: Willie Barnett <wbradiolists@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2018 10:57:36 -0400
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If I had my druthers, what I would MOST want to do is to make the UI of Linux work just like the UI in Windows XP, since that is was what all of us are the MOST familiar with, and can almost do without even thinking about it.... like "muscle memory". ;)

(Altho WIN7 would also be acceptable, albeit a tad more annoying.)

Things like right-click drag/drop with a popup menu, etc. (The most commonly used stuff.) So far, the MATE Desktop in Linux Mint requires CTRL-C (or X) then CTRL-V to copy or move files from one folder to another. Want to copy (or move) a GROUP of files? Windows made THAT very easy. In Linux, I hope you don't get Carpal from all the keypresses... :(

Also, having *ALL* connected Windows disk drives (be they internal, or NAS, etc) automatically mounted, thus instantly accessible, would be nice. These are all things that are there in Windows, and are "intuitive" to the vast majority of users.

Like I said, I'm hoping to find something, be it a desktop for Mint or whole other distro that will NOT require everyone to go to "driving school" to use it. Just "get in and drive" is the goal.

Thanks everyone, for your input so far. :)


On Tue, Mar 27, 2018 at 12:25 PM, Jon Foreman <Jon@ksgn.com> wrote:
> Yet it is this very complaint from Linux users that drove M$ to try to keep the 'look and feel' consistent from version to version for Windoze users.

My opinion is that MS changes the look of OS and software, not because it enhances the user experience, but because if they don't make it look different there is no reason for people to upgrade to the new version. At some point you would be close to the very best way to make a word bold and change the font size. But if they don't change it, they look "old." It's a profit motive. How can we sell more of this stuff to people who already bought it?


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From: Jack Epperson [mailto:Jack.Epperson@alphamediausa.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 7:45 AM
To: CRTech
Subject: RE: [CRTech] SEMI TECH: "Windifying" LINUX

An observation: Lots of folks want to slam M$ for not 'fixing issues', 'bloated' code, being stale and not keeping up with current styles or removing existing favorite features etc. Yet it is this very complaint from Linux users that drove M$ to try to keep the 'look and feel' consistent from version to version for Windoze users. And oh the howls of protest and curses  from whatever changes were in fact made!! But M$'s accommodation to this idea of minimizing changes in their 'upgrades and version changes' is what caused a lot of the 'problems' due to bolting new features over the top of old code and features without creating too much change in function, look and process. So when I hear that Linux needs to be a lot more like Windoze, I just shake my head and think, be careful what you ask for.

Jack Epperson
Chief Engineer
Alpha Media- Aurora, IL
Matrix Broadcasting- Crystal Lake, IL

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From: dave allen [mailto:crtech-mail@reyware.us]
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 8:55 AM
To: CRTech <crtech@crtech.org>
Subject: Re: [CRTech] SEMI TECH: "Windifying" LINUX

besides, Willie, a tiny bit of re-learning, an extra click or two, is well worth the effort. they'll have gotten used to the right clicks instead of right-drag long before you find an 'exact match'.

dave allen

On 3/27/2018 7:44 AM, Lamar Owen wrote:
> On 03/26/2018 11:44 AM, Willie Barnett wrote:
>> ...
>> The primary goal being to make using Linux as FAMILIAR to Windows
>> users (like myself and others) as possible. (Especially for others!)
>> I want people to be able to "just get in and drive", and not have to
>> go to "driving school" to learn a whole new interface/way of driving.
> Good morning, Willie!
> There is a distribution out there that is more like Windows than most
> others, called Linspire.  The release announcement for the latest
> version, 7.0, can be read at
> http://www.pc-opensystems.com/2018/01/freespire-30-and-linspire-70-rel
> eased.html
> It's commercial, and costs a bit of change to purchase, Linspire.
> There is a variant called Freespire that doesn't include some of the
> integration that Linspire does.  Back in the day, if you wanted a
> Linux that looked like Windows, Linspire (formerly called 'Lindows'
> (which trademark is now owned by Microsoft)) was what you got.
> I wish I could help you further, but I'm Linux-native and very
> accustomed to doing most management from the shell (I was using a
> Unix-like shell when Windows was still in diapers.. uh, was at version
> 2.0), but it's very true that the right-drag would be nice to have in
> Nautilus (GNOME file manager); left-drag on the same filesystem
> defaults to a move, across filesystems it defaults to copy.  Earlier
> KDE (if I'm remembering correctly) did a very Windows-like right-drag
> in Konqueror, and that early (3.x) KDE is still available as the
> 'trinity' desktop.
> Since it doesn't matter to me if my Linux looks and feels like
> Windows, I tend to just use whatever I'm using on the servers I admin,
> and that currently is CentOS 7.  But since it does matter to you and
> others, I did a quick look and found a couple of Linux distributions
> that look like they mimic Windows really closely. Check out Zorin OS (
> www.zorinos.com ) and Chalet OS (
> https://sites.google.com/site/chaletoslinux/home ).  Zorin appears to
> be much more up-to-date than Chalet, with a new release earlier this
> month, whereas it's been a couple of years for Chalet (but, since it's
> based on Ubuntu 16.04, you'll still get security updates up through
> now).  Zorin has a low-cost 'ultimate' version with some nice-sounding
> addons, or the free 'core' version that still sounds pretty nice.
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