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RE: Transmitter question
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Subject: RE: Transmitter question
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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 15:06:55 -0500
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Perhaps there is a thermal safety since it sounds like your fans were bad?


Just a guess having never even seen that particular transmitter.


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Subject: [CRTech] Transmitter question




Just got back from St Croix working on our sister station WIVH there, assessing damage from Hurricane Maria. Our PTek 1050ES started acting up. We had replaced the power supply in January to get back on the air after being off three months due to the hurricane. Everything was working fine until the day I was supposed to leave (of course!) Two days prior I was running forward power of nearly 700 watts with a reverse power of about 12, with 48 Volts and 27 amps. The day was supposed to leave, it was "staticity" and would not go above 350 Watts, reverse power of 2 and 48 volts but only 4 amps. 


Sent it to PTek, and they said:


"I received the FM1050ES and found the exhaust fans to be terribly noisy. I replaced those fans (2) 24VDC Fans then checked operation.

I performed an electrical alignment of your transmitter, it is now putting out 1200Watts steadily if you need to go that high."


No real answer as to what caused the amps to go low and why the inability to raise power?I could not adjust power (Forward power would not go above 350, even though reverse power was only 2). 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



Tim Madeira

General Manager


2457 SR 118
Hunlock Creek, PA 18621


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