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Re: Fwd: Another Backup Question
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Subject: Re: Fwd: Another Backup Question
From: Terry Cowan <tcowan@knlr.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 13:28:04 -0800
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Jim & Jim,

I have had success in backing up my computers (while on air) using AOMEI Software.  I've also had failures.  There are several options to select and if you select the incorrect one the drive doesn't boot.  Don't ask me at the moment which one to select as it has been a while.  I usually "clone" the C drive when installing a new drive and setting the clone on the shelf.  I make frequent back-ups of the data files (including audio files) on a network drive at the transmitter (connected via wireless LAN).  I do this with either Xcopy or Robocopy and set as a scheduled task.  I turn the AC power to the drive on before copying and off when finished to prevent it from being corrupted by a virus.

Terry Cowan


On 03/05/18 13:10, Jim McDermott wrote:

This thread on backups has me quivering a little. I never really considered backing up my automation computers. I'm not even sure what I would need to back up. And to back up all the computers in my building would take about 20 terabytes.

Can you back up a Windows 8 computer while it's on the air running Zetta and the Axia audio drivers?

Jim McDermott
President, Lake Area Educ Broadcasting
Spirit FM Radio & The Pulse Channel

Lake of the Ozarks, MO
www.spiritfm.org -- www.pulsechannel.org

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