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Re: sound exchange
To: "CRTech" <crtech@crtech.org>
Subject: Re: sound exchange
From: "Greg Myers" <Greg@kcfyfm.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 08:02:52 -0700
Reply-to: greg@kcfyfm.com

I had the same problem a couple months ago.  The tech support person said to make sure the format matches the required columns exactly as they show in their example.  Do not have any other information present.  I did this and it uploaded perfectly. My music software exports the data with extra info, like Station Manager name, phone number, posting dates etc.  Take all that out so it's only the exact columns required by Sound Exchange and it should work.

Greg S. Myers
President & General Manager
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From: "Andy Larsen" <andy@whwl.net>
Sent: Monday, January 22, 2018 5:33 AM
To: crtech@crtech.org
Subject: Re: [CRTech] sound exchange

Now that's an understatement.

I'm interested in any resolution others find with this. I also tried to file a report last week, and got the same error. Interestingly, after telling me it was an invalid format, it shows on the page that the report is "processing," which is the same thing it says for every report in 2016 and 2017. Who knows...

On 1/20/2018 4:53 PM, Redeemer Broadcasting wrote:

Sound Exchange is problematic.

Andy Larsen

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