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Headphone Jack Mount
To: CRTech <crtech@crtech.org>
Subject: Headphone Jack Mount
From: Steve Tuzeneu <stuzeneu@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2018 13:50:26 -0500
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Hey Guys:

I'm looking for a small box or "L" shaped bracket to mount to studio furniture.  The box or "L" bracket has to have the stereo female jack already mounted and come with a volume control. I have a small amplifier to drive the two headsets that will be used in the studio. It does not have to be powered, but it could be it the price is right.

I went to a dealer's website and they want big money for something like that.

I want something that looks professional without a professional price.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Steve Tuzeneu,  CBT 
Network Staff Engineer
BBN Radio Network
P.O. Box 7300
Charlotte , NC 28241-7300 
704-523-5555 Extension 138
Member: Society of Broadcast Engineers
G.R.O.L./N1XXE-Extra Class Operator

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