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Re: BSI Automation upgrades
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Subject: Re: BSI Automation upgrades
From: Terry Cowan <tcowan@knlr.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2017 08:37:57 -0800
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I'm not totally following you but here is what should work. First of all, a serial port must be open all of the time to "receive" data from any box.  Naturally, the serial port must be open to send information to the Unity.  If you are receiving and sending from the same software and the software is not closing the serial port after sending to the Unity and if the baud rate is the same for both sending and receiving it should work fine.  If not all of the above conditions are met you are stuck.

Is Simian both setting the time based upon a closure and sending commands to the Unity or are you using different software for sending and receiving?

Terry Cowan


On 12/15/17 05:42, Andy Larsen wrote:
I'm working on upgrading our automation system computer and running into a couple of issues with Simian. If anybody has first-hand experience, I'd love some input from here. We are currently running Simian 2.2 on a 32-bit computer, with one of the older computerboards cards and Instacal for a trigger kit. The only trigger we use is the 54:30 clock sync. I use Simian directly to send serial strings to the Unity 4000 receiver for switching. We still record several feeds, do live news, and air Jimmy DeYoung live on Saturdays.

I purchased the BT GPI-16 (from BSI) to use for the triggers, since the new computer doesn't have the PCI slot for the antique card. BSI's site indicates it can be connected via serial or USB, but I can't get it to recognize triggers when connected via USB. Tech support now tells me it's a serial based device, and directed me to set it up via serial. Is anyone using this through USB, or is their web site incorrect?

I don't believe I can configure Simian to use two different serial ports, because I'd need one for the GPI-16, and a second for controlling the Unity 4000. I seem to remember people using a box to turn relay closures into serial strings. This might be an option if I upgraded to the other trigger kit, which includes relay outputs as well. Another possibility would be to use a stand-alone program running on another machine to switch the satellite receiver. Possibly on our Amb-OS computer? Are any of those still supported?

Since we only use the clock sync, I may be able to do away with the trigger kit. I believe I've read about people using GPS for clock sync. I assume this requires both hardware and software...recommendations if I go this route?

Finally...anyone using Simian 2.2 on a 64-bit machine? My computer guy called and talked to BSI before building this computer, and was led to believe that 2.2 would work on a 64-bit system. I've installed it and it seems to be fine, though I'm still working on configuring this and only have the 60-minute demo period. The email from tech support also noted that if using Win7 64-bit, we would need to upgrade to Simian 2.3.

I've sent email back to tech support (I don't pay for a tech support plan) but I'd love some input from BSI users here as well.

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