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Re: Attaching foam to our walls
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Subject: Re: Attaching foam to our walls
From: Dalan Decker <programming@therockradio.org>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2017 10:57:57 -0400
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In my home studio, I use little neodymium magnets hot glued to the back of my foam panels.  One for each top corner of each panel.  And then a bit flashing metal glued to the wall under each corner for them to stick to.  It's a bit time consuming for a large space, but has the benefit of being easily replaceable and not leaving a Liquid Nails disaster on the wall. I created this setup because tropical heat and humidity plus frequent power outages make interchangeable panels a must.  (For instance, I've been without power for 48 days now since Hurricane María.)


On 11/3/2017 12:51 PM, Don Prentice wrote:

We contacted www.atsacoustics.com <http://www.atsacoustics.com> about how to install their panels but they only suggested using plywood behind them.  Our studio walls are painted cinder block walls and have tried MANY things, even like liquid nails.

Nothing holds them for more than a day or two.  They are 15” x 36” so there is some weight to hold to the wall.

Any tube or paste or ideas you have tried would be GREAT to help us.


Don Prentice

KCAS station Manager

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*The Rock Radio Network*
WBMJ (AM-1190) San Juan Metro
WIVV (AM-1370) Vieques / Virgin Islands
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