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Re: SFTP automated transfers
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Subject: Re: SFTP automated transfers
From: dave allen <crtech-mail@reyware.us>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2017 16:41:23 -0600
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let me clarify. i wrote an SFTP routine for linux. piece of cake. just works. easy to get the libraries for it. and got it working on one win7 box too, with a lot of monkeying around with the DLLs. they are not your normal mainstream DLLs. and i have yet to get it working on win10 due to the DLLs.

obviously SFTP works on windows. Filezilla demonstrates that, and many others. but have you looked at how many files are installed with Filezilla. WOW! the guy has spent a TON of time, perhaps building his own libs for SFTP, to get that working. so until i get a ton of time to dig into that, suffice it to say that getting SFTP to work in windoz at the programming level is a pain.

if you know of ssl/ssh/sftp libs that work well with windows and don't cost much (or anything), and are actually documented,  i'm all ears.

the ftp voyager sounds promising, tho just mirroring into an automation system can be deadly (even with file renaming). usually you want to just upload a file once and let the automation system process and delete it...


On 9/7/2017 2:37 PM, Sherrod Munday wrote:
On Sep 7, 2017, at 16:17, Dan Harder <dan@am91.org> wrote:
Dave Allen told me is working on a fix for the AMBOS, but that windoze
doesn't like to play with SFTP.

By the end of September, you may be back to collecting any programs from
them manually as that is the planned switch date.

FileZilla does work, but it's manual.
Methinks there may be some misperceptions or misunderstandings there....  Windows works just fine with SFTP.

Windows is just the OS -- and the FTP client program (that operates on top of the OS) is what's responsible for handling the encryption.  Different things altogether.  SFTP works just fine on a variety of OS's.

Automated FTP retrieval has been discussed many times before on this listserv, including for SFTP and FTPS (they're different).

You could do a search through the CRTech archives, but I've mentioned FTP Voyager as one example of an FTP client that can be set up to automatically mirror remote FTP sites or directories.  You can set up automatic file renaming based on wildcards and specific nomenclature requirements, and the FTP Voyager service just runs in the background.  (You access/configure/control the service through a separate GUI from the normal manual-transfer client.)

You can also use the separate GUI manual FTP client as a replacement for Filezilla, but I really like Filezilla so it's still my go-to FTP client for manual file transfers.  The two are almost identical in their feature sets, though.


It's provided as a *free* Windows client by Solarwinds that's the recommended client to access their (very expensive) paid FTP server program, but it stands alone and works quite well with any number of FTP (both secure and insecure) servers (regardless of the OS of the server).

There are other low-cost programs out there that can handle FTPS or SFTP, so do some homework.  You're not going to be left out in the cold and have to manually retrieve files via FTP clients unless you really *want* to do so.

Sherrod Munday

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