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RE: Combiner-Isolator?
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Subject: RE: Combiner-Isolator?
From: "Bill Hurne" <billhurne@pilgrimradio.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2017 08:08:03 -0700
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I’m asking this question below because we replaced the BE FM 1C1 transmitter with a GatesAir FAX unit, and now having high SWR issues.   Maybe the SWR is caused by lack of output bandpass filter in the crowded location?   Maybe adding an output filter would help?


But this is complicated by the fact we also replaced the 3-bay antenna so we’re troubleshooting.




From: Bill Hurne [mailto:billhurne@pilgrimradio.com]
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Subject: [CRTech] Combiner-Isolator?


In a BE FM 1C1 1 KW transmitter, would the RF output combiner also act as an isolator to help reduce IMD in a crowded location?    This transmitter has two RF output modules with an RF combiner with a reject load resistor on one port.



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