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Re[2]: Form 1 submission
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Subject: Re[2]: Form 1 submission
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Hello All:
I guess I am behind with no clue which forms you are talking about and what is due right now. Please let me know so I can submit from my station. Any links you have will help me out.
Laurel Hughes
WCDG 88.7 FM Christian Talk and Teach for N.GA
Dahlonega, GA 30533

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At 05:36 PM 8/27/2017, Kevin Kidd wrote:
Are you using IE? Firefox is the most reliable and Chrome is almost as good by reports. IE has people in tears.

If you don't get the submission acknowledgement, it probably didn't submit.

Go to My Filings to see if it is there.  If not...  It didn't take.

       I will second what Kevin writes;
       A friend had tried for four days to submit Form
       One. He was on IE due to his IT department.

       After reading Kevin's comments on browsers,
       he fed me his user ID/password, and in less
       than a minute, I got the form submitted for him.
       It showed up in my filings and I've closed
       the browser ...

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