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Re: Silence sense reboot solution?
To: CRTech <crtech@crtech.org>
Subject: Re: Silence sense reboot solution?
From: Alan Kilgore <wrvm.engineer@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2017 09:57:29 -0500
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You can order ezOutlet for $30 to use internet access for remotely restarting anything plugged into its AC outlet. It may not be as automatic as a silence sensor but at least would save a long trip if you don't have a better working solution available. It can also reboot modem, router, computer, etc when internet service is lost and at defined times.


Alan Kilgore, CPBE
WRVM Chief Engineer

At 09:08 AM 8/8/2017, you wrote:

Does anyone in the brain trust have an elegant solution for an AC power switch controlled by a silence sensor?

Thanks in advance!

Alex McKenzie

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