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RE: Pressurize LDF5-50?
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Subject: RE: Pressurize LDF5-50?
From: "Bill Hurne" <billhurne@pilgrimradio.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2017 12:27:49 -0700
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For the L45R connector I thought about making a very small gas groove inside the center conductor where the self-tapping center screw piece threads into the center.   Use a very small file.   Of course the bullet needs the small holes in the Teflon, and feed gas into a 7/8 EIA adapter such as https://www.rfparts.com/adapters/adapters-eiaflange/eiaflange-78/eiaflange78-adapt/rla050-16.html






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Subject: Re: [CRTech] Pressurize LDF5-50?



It at least has been done in the past but I don't know of any recent systems built like that.  Foam type flange connectors "should" seal well enough to hold pressure but probably not as well as the connectors on air line.  I do recall reading somewhere that some modifications had to be made to the foam connectors to get a good flow of gas out of the hollow center conductor.  There may be (or may have been) a special foam connector for the purpose.


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On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 1:01 PM, Bill Hurne <billhurne@pilgrimradio.com> wrote:

We’re replacing an antenna fed by LDF5-50 coax up the tower.   At the antenna is a 1 5/8 EIA connector, with a reducer to 7/8 EIA.


At the bottom end is a 7/8 EIA flange.    We would like to pressurize the antenna.


Current connectors at the top and bottom are L45R that aren’t pressurizable.


Are there pressurizable 7/8 inch EIA connectors available for LDF5-50?


I was told we can pressurize this coax and antenna by sending the nitrogen up the hollow center conductor.




Bill Hurne

Chief Engineer

The Pilgrim Radio Network


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