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I praise Nautel too.....but...
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Subject: I praise Nautel too.....but...
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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 15:19:15 -0400
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If you were asking this over on BC you'd be getting responses that include other brands along with Nautel.

I'm a fan of Nautel too, (bought NV15, 3ea NV10's and numerous VS1's) but they fail like all brands. Service and warranty is tops, but it's likely that Harris/Gates and others have equal reputations.

A suggestion I have for Nautel, next time I'm asked, is that the Network Adapter be a separate replaceable module instead of embedded into the motherboard. If you get lightening (not Nautel's fault of course) on your cat 5/6 you'll be doing your Nautel settings from the front panel.

I'm trying a 1kw exciter/driver by RVR (Miami) to feed an Armstrong 10KW tube rig. They're US certified and only 4,000. No web server...but SMP or whatever that protocol is called is built in.

Just some chewing-the-fat as a spin-off topic of what 6kw TX the poster earlier asked should he buy.


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