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Equipment for Sale
To: CRTech <crtech@crtech.org>
Subject: Equipment for Sale
From: Jon Foreman <Jon@ksgn.com>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2017 16:39:43 +0000
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Thread-topic: Equipment for Sale

We have the following equipment that we are no longer using. If you are interested in purchasing, please email or call me. We do plan to list them on eBay soon, but you get fist chance.

Jon Foreman
Chief Engineer/IT Manager

Office: 909-583-2150
Fax: 909-583-2170



TTC                                                XLFM Series         FM Translator (3)  89.7->88.1, 89.7->88.1, 88.1-> 89.7

                                                                                                (2 manuals)

Sound Technology                   1500A                    Tape Recorder Test System (w/manual)

Mosely                                          TRL-1                     Telemetary Return Link Receiver 450.98 MHz


Marti                                             RPT-2                     RPU Transmitter  450.98 MHz (in rack mount with below)

RACom                                                                           Automatic Morse Code Transmitter

McMartin                                     TBM-1100R         Receiver 161.700 & 161.730 MHz

McMartin                                     RPU-1103             RPU Transmitter 161.700 & 161.730 MHz (w/manual)

Orban                                           418A                       Stereo Limiter

Electro-Voice                             Sentry 100A         Studio Monitor        (pair) (w/manuals)

dbx                                                142                          Broadcast Noise Reduction System (2 units)

Roland                                          SN-550                   Digital Noise Eliminator (w/manual)

Roland                                          SN-700                   Noise/Hum Eliminator

Cedar                                            DC 1                         De-Clicker                 (w/manual)

Eventide                                      BD955                    Digital Delay (Mono)

Barcus-Berry Electronics     Model 802             Sonic Maximizer

Zercom                                         25Hx TP                 Dual Tone detect and Notch Filter

Sony                                              TCD-D10                Portable DAT Recorder (w/manual)

Telos                                             Telos Two              Telephone Hybrid with 1 x Three line POTS card and 

                                                                                          2 x Dual ISDN cards (w/manual)

Telos                                             Desktop Director      (w/manual)

Wegener                                      Unity 4000           MPEG Video Integrated Receiver Decoder (w/manual)

Henry Engineering                  Matchbox II          Interface Amplifier (3 units)

Electro-Voice                             RE27 N/D             Microphone with 309A shock mount (5)


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