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Re: Back equipment
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Subject: Re: Back equipment
From: Andy Larsen <andy@whwl.net>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2017 09:34:08 -0400
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Good reminder, Jim. I am actually in the process of configuring a pair of Tielines for just that reason. Our main STL is a 950 MHz link. It was installed when our studio was built just over 30 years ago. It's been running since then with NO maintenance. It just sits and runs. I started recommending a few years ago we think about making other plans, because that is an off-air emergency waiting to happen.

Now that I'm manager, I'm making it happen. Once the Tieline system is active and stable, I'm going to take the STL out and have both ends refurbished.


On 5/9/2017 4:31 PM, Jim McDermott wrote:
I know most of you are way ahead of me on this AND you all don't have the added responsibilities that I have as a GM and on-air personality, but I just want to encourage you  to go find the weak links in your broadcast chain(s). Do you have any back up for that piece of equipment? I had a composite receiver fail today at a network station and because we are doing a Spring pledge drive, I can't go fix it until tomorrow afternoon. Dead air... Now I will have to rob a translator receiver to get what I need. I guess a backup Aaron 650 would be a good investment.

Jim McDermott
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Lake of the Ozarks, MO
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Andy Larsen

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