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RE: standards
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Subject: RE: standards
From: Nancy Curtiss <ncurtiss@truthforlife.org>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 15:20:48 +0000
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To all:


Why not have someone from the station mention these kinds of things at NRB when they are speaking with the program producers?  Or have it be part of the discussion if there’s a check –in at some other time of the year? At NRB several years ago Truth For Life learned from one of the networks that we provide to that they wanted at least 8 seconds open at the end of the promo for station related tags. It was a simple and fully explained request.  Knowing this was important made it easy to add to our usual processes.  This is now available for all of our stations, because one person was in the position to talk with us personally about it.

Communication is really important, and if the program producer isn’t receiving feedback from the stations that they are providing to, how are we to know that there’s an issue?  Not everyone is on this board, I am sure.


Nancy Curtiss


Truth For Life



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One other "standard" that would be great...leaving a long enough music bed at the end of promos to tag with local times. We use an auto tagger to grab the :30 files from AmbOs and add a tag each day so they are always fresh, but don't have to be done manually. Most programs leave time for this, but there are some who often go well past the 25 second mark (not to name names...but one of them rhymes with pony heavens) and so the end of their promo gets stomped on by our local "auto tag".





Tim Madeira
General Manager


2457 SR 118
Hunlock Creek, PA 18621





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