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Re: Best way to handle poor electric delivery
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Subject: Re: Best way to handle poor electric delivery
From: Tom Van Gorkom <tomvangorkom@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2017 10:39:37 -0500
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Do you have true 3 phase power with one 3 phase transformer and three lines plus ground feeding it or is it open delta with 2 lines plus ground and usually two smaller transformers?

Until we insisted that the power company give us true 3 phase power, our AM site suffered constant TX power supply failures, A/C compressor failures, tower light fuses blowing, etc from the surges. Open delta can be determined also by a "wild" leg - one of the three lines coming into the building will be a higher voltage (~210 VAC) in respect to ground than the other two (120 VAC). They should all still be about 220-240 leg to leg. It's a lousy system that power companies like to use to save money but they are unbalanced with no path for line surges or the transmitter harmonics except to circulate in it's power transformer and other devices and blow them out. I understand that in some locations, you can insist that they change to true 3 phase because their installation is damaging your equipment.

We had to push hard and provide and install all the underground wiring and building installation. The power company paid for running new lines from the road to the edge of our property pole, the transformer and connections.

As a last resort, you can install the older type motor-generator 3 phase generator or a new solid state type. either one will have periodic maintenance.

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On Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 10:24 AM, Solomon Bachman <sbachman@kcbi.org> wrote:

Hey All,


I’d like to get some suggestions on cleaning up 3 Phase power in the middle of nowhere coming from a co-op. I have surge suppression on the mains and under the breaker with the transmitter but I am still cooking the input side of the 2500w modular power supplies every time there is storm.


The large surge suppressor on the incoming electric is older, so I am looking at replacing that since it is probably past its prime in surge dissipation. Are there any other tips/tricks/devices I should look at?


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