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RE: Extra
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Never heard about either of those, but I have one similar.

Nearing the end of the school year, some guys came to me for some "technical
advice".  They had the idea to somehow tap into the PA system in the dining
hall and play some special music during breakfast, but didn't know how.

I had some audio amps that had been modified from some surplus jukebox amps.
The beauty of this amp was that it had a lot of power for that time (a pair
of 6L6's in push-pull) and a really beefy multi-tapped output transformer.
The transformer had taps from 70.7 v down to 4 ohms.  We ran some wire down
the outside of Smith Hall from my room on 2nd floor Smith to the basement
dining hall.  We had a twist splice in the wire about 10 feet above ground
level.  The amps were in my room, and we twisted the wire into the 70 v
system in the basement.  With the amps in my room and a "spy" in the dining
hall with a walkie-talkie and a pair of headphones listening, I could tell
the proper time to insert the music, which started with Reveille and then
went to some rousing marches.  

When the music started, the dining room host ran to the power switch and
turned off the sound system, which did nothing.  After several minutes he
spotted the wire, and ran outside to try to trace it.  The spy let me know
and I just yanked on the wire, which separated at the splice.  By the time
the host got to the wire, all he could find was a few feet on the ground.

BTW, that was my graduation year and I did graduate.


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Did you hear any rumors about us hams from recent years?

Some of us made mischief, like the time we hooked up a crystal set inside
the Hammond organ in Alumni Auditorium and played rock 'n roll music through
the speakers.

Or during a Founder's Week when George Beverly Shea was going to be
attending.  The big, movable letters just behind and above the seated choir
in Torrey-Gray Auditorium said "How Great Thou Art".  While the choir stood
and sang one of the guys changed it to read "How Fat Thou Art".  Portly Don
Hustad was not amused when he motioned for the choir to be seated and the
audience started laughing.

On Wed, 29 Mar 2017, gcartercrt wrote:

> The tradition was in place by the time I was there in 63-67.
> Gordon Carter
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> Oh, pshaw.  Must have started the ice cream after my days there, 60-62.
> Probably just as well; I'd have gained weight after my General, Extra, 
> 2nd Phone, 1st Phone, and 2nd Telegraph.  The examiner started saying 
> "you, again?"  Luckily, I didn't flunk any of them, but there wouldn't 
> have been any ice cream those times, anyway. :)
> On Sun, 26 Mar 2017, Bill Hurne wrote:
>> Ice Cream!!  Well, when I was a Moody student the whole Missionary 
>> Radio class went to enjoy ice cream cones to celebrate anytime 
>> someone passed an FCC license exam.

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