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Re: AMR-100 - FTP Question
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Subject: Re: AMR-100 - FTP Question
From: dave allen <crtech-mail@reyware.us>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2017 09:41:52 -0700
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hi Joel. not at this time. it's on the list, but a ways down. sometimes a ministry will let me mirror their pgms on my 'regular ftp' site.

dave allen

On 3/2/2017 7:42 AM, joel@wpgmfm.org wrote:

Does the AMR-100 UI support SFTP (SSH (secure) File Transfer Protocol) connections?

I've tried to set up a SFTP site under the FTP / Manage sites feature with no success. It won't connect.

As a note: I was able to connect to the site in question on FileZilla which has a protocol option of FTP or SFTP.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Joel Force

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