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If there were an intermittent connection on a USB device itself there
should be no audio at all during that time and the [computer] system
logs should show all sorts of complaining about devices getting
unplugged, etc.

Any additional information you can gather about the process she uses
to record the audio would help your diagnosis and repair.
Start by gathering the following info:
* Software used to record
* Hardware used to interface with the analog audio from the mic
* Codecs used - and *where* they are used; for example:
    * Software encoding on the CPU, usually as part of the recording
    * Hardware encoding on the audio board via DSP chips
* Other components and/or systems (e.g. standalone MP3 recorder vs.
computer-based, etc.)

A few possibilities (and suggested fixes):
Hardware-based encoding (including standalone recorder):
-- The DSP or other silicon-based components like Sample Rate
Converters are going bad (send it back to the factory for repair)

Software-based/computer encoding
-- Overloaded CPU unable to encode audio properly (check Task Manager
or Process Monitor in Win7, etc. for rogue apps taking up CPU cycles)
-- Corrupted codecs and/or programs (need to reinstall on the computer)

One final possibility: if she's using any AES-EBU audio connections
and there are any impedance issues (double terminations, voltage level
issues, etc.), they could manifest themselves intermittently.  It
could produce a "quasi-random" problem if the sample amplitudes are
floating just around the sample thresholds.

There's always the "A-B" test if it's software based -- move the audio
adapter to another computer, and try the same thing.  If it's
hardware, then you're looking for a loaner unit for a comparison.

As always, ask if anything has recently been moved around or changed.
If no, then you're likely looking at silicon (or other hardware)

Hope this helps.

-- Sherrod
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