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Re: For the tinkerers among us... :)
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Subject: Re: For the tinkerers among us... :)
From: dave allen <crtech-mail@reyware.us>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2016 21:18:11 -0600
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if you can, just use 'c', not c++. hugely more complicated. some neat features, especially for really big projects among many developers. but for the most part we don't need them. 'c' is much cleaner, simpler, and will be a lot less of a learning curve. if you want a 'c' mentor, let me know. even c++ but really? for one thing your compiled code will be twice the size of 'c' code.

dave allen

On 10/3/2016 10:20 AM, Willie Barnett wrote:
Ah, nifty! I like your way of thinking! :) I know what you mean about time constraints... much of my tinkeritis happens at home. Sometimes, I even take work-related tinkeritis home, so that I can just "Git 'er DONE!" ;) (40 x-mitters! YIKES!!)

The idea of the red LED ring around the mics is great! (I Googled those mic arms... they're not cheap!) Just make sure it isn't too bright! ;) I like the fact that modern LED's are so incredibly efficient! You can run them at less than a milliamp, and still get MORE light than older LED's gave you with 10ma! (In fact, I recently discarded a few dozen unused, old LED's from my personal collection because they were pathetically dim at 10ma!)

Lighting the mics with white is not a bad idea, either, when other mics in the room are active! You COULD even get fancy, and make them "modulate" bright/dim. ;)

Flashing the red light during EAS would be especially helpful if you have a "sidechain" audio path when the mic is open, as I do here. Because of the several millisecond delay caused by the digital Moseley STL, I had to rig that up so that the staff could hear themselves without that delay. If an EAS activation happens while they are on-mic, they don't hear it because the EAS doesn't interrupt the sidechain. That happened once, and I startled someone when I tapped their shoulder in the middle of a mic break, to tell her the EAS was active. ;)

I recently bought two Arduino Mega boards, when MPJA.COM was offering them at 1/2 price. I'm sure I'll find SOMETHING to use them for! ;) I have a LAN shield, and it would probably be best to use with one of those... more memory, more ports, more abilities! :) I'm thinking of a rudimentary remote control/telemetry type application. I'm sure there are a few WEB-aware "sketches" out there that I could adapt! ;) (Programming in C++ is still pretty new to me!)

I haven't ventured into RasPi, yet... I should! being a full blown Linux computer, it has many possibilities! :)

Thanks for the tinkeritis chat! I hope others are enjoying it, too! :)


On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 12:59 PM, Nathaniel Steele <nathaniel.steele@icloud.com> wrote:

I programmed a raspi to send emails when it detects relay closures, currwently tied to my old “Dumb” BT silence monitor III’s


I’ve got a couple arduino’s I tinkered with a little bit. I just installed some new MIKA MIKARM ONAIR mic booms in our main studio. They have an LED ring above the microphone that lights up red or white depending on the polarity of the 24VDC you send to it. I’M going to program up an Arduino to control them so I can do some cool stuff. Each one will of course turn RED when the associated channel is on. I might have them turn white when the mic is off but the studio IS live on air. And maybe some flashing when the EAS goes off or something….


I love to tinker, I just don’t have much time anymore taking care of about 40 transmitter sites and the main studio……..


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