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Re: National test
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Subject: Re: National test
From: Mark Croom <markc@newmail.kinshipradio.org>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 21:31:39 -0500
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I filled Form 2 for 19 call signs in five corporations with no issues at all. I started about 1715 and was done before 1800 hours.

I also had no problems with the Form 1 that were described some folks. Don't the Form 2 today with a checklist of all the call signs confirmed all we present and accounted for.

Form 3 will require me to get some additional information from each station's log, and I don't have ready access to all the Sage boxes remotely yet.


On Sep 28, 2016 8:17 PM, "Kevin Kidd" <kkbroadcastengineering@gmail.com> wrote:
> The reporting seems to have been pretty uneventful in the eastern half of the country.  I don't know why the FCC would have mandated such a tight reporting sched but they did and it worked.  I had zero problems accessing the ETRS site to file 11 reports for clients.
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 8:06 PM, Jon Foreman <Jon@ksgn.com> wrote:
>> Here on the west coast we were asked to wait until after 8 pm EDT. I went to fill out form two, but nothing comes shows up as an option.

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