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I know it's a stretch, because ALL radio folks are honest and trustworthy.

Just a thought.

Kyle Dowden
On Aug 9, 2014 11:59 AM, "James Bellaire" <jbellaire@tk.com> wrote:

> On 8/8/2014 5:29 PM, Tom Bosscher wrote:
>> I was just brought up to date with a note posted by Aaron Read over on
>> the Pubtech forum, that the FCC has released petition for rule-making to
>> have radio stations post their PI files online just like those folks who
>> broadcast radio with moving pictures.
> In general I like the idea ... from the technical side the FCC has the
> information anyways and IF it relieves the burden of having a file drawer
> full of printouts that the public (or the FCC inspector) could simply pull
> off of the public FCC website if they were interested it could be helpful.
> The down side would it would provide access to the other information
> stations put in their Public Inspection File that they may not want to be
> available via Google or Bing. Having to physically visit a station to see
> the information is a gatekeeper. What do you place in your Public
> Inspection File that you do not want searchable on the Internet?
> It would make it easier for an FCC inspector to look through the file and
> find violations. Perhaps that fines be used to pay for the cost of
> maintaining the servers ... until the violations taper off and the FCC has
> to charge more in fees to cover the hosting services.
> James Bellaire
> @ CRTech
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