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Before that, we had an "active" balanced-unbalanced coupler. Since it did 
NOT isolate the grounds, nor attenuate, it didn't help. (We had hum problems, 
exacerbated by having to run the processor output very low.) Once I used 
the isolation transformers & attenuating resistors, it's been PERFECT! :) The 
processor's output is back in its normal range, too! Several online 
listeners commented about the improvement to the sound of the stream shortly after 
that change. :) It made a BIG improvement!

Assistant Engineer, WIHS

In a message dated 6/27/2013 1:00:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
thebeaver32@gmail.com writes:

> I should have added that this works on the inputs to the onboard audio 
>  too.
>  --
>  Jerry Mathis
>  >
>  > Part 15, if you HAVE to have balanced, I would suggest using the output
>  > from the onboard sound card, and getting a couple of audio 
>  > Would recommend the Triad TY-145P transformers if you are working with 
>  > impedance (~ 600 ohms) and the TY-141P units if you need high 
impedance (~
>  > 10K ohms). These work well and are around $4 each from Mouser 
>  >
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