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The only ones that bother me are the sparkley, blue aftermarket lights some 
of the kids put on their "angry bumble-bee" sounding cars.  They flicker and 
flash as they go by, and it's really distracting.

Properly done, factory HID lights shouldn't be a problem for on-coming 
cars...as long as the driver dims them, and they are adjusted properly. 
They may aggravate the vision of people with cataracts more however, but the 
color temp of them is close to that of normal sun light, and the spectrum is 
more even than many other lamps.

Back to the subject of LED's...
I've noticed some of the same problems with cheap white LED replacements. 
I bought some at Lowes a few years ago, and within 3 months, they were down 
to about half their new brightness.  I also replace the LED's in the night 
lights in my house about every year or so.

A few years ago, I started replacing dial lights in tuners and receivers 
with them.  Similar problems.  In one receiver that I leave on all the time 
in my shop, after about 6 months, the dial was going dim.  This was running 
them at about half their rated current.  Many white LED's are not all they 
are cracked up to be.  The phosphor does wear out, and sometimes it wears 
out faster than an incandescing lamp would fail.

Colors are a different story.  Just look at the front of most equipment 
built since the early 80's.  Nearly all the colored LED's are still bright. 
I've switched to using colored LED's in some dial lighting.  Amber looks 
fine in most things (blue in McIntosh and Marantz of course!)

I'm fairly sure there are some newer white LED's that can last a lot 
longer...but I don't know the difference between the good ones, and the ones 
that wear out after 6 months...and I'm not sure how to drive them.  The ones 
in a replacement lamp I bought recently at Menards look like little 
multi-segment yellow surface-mount chips (when off).  I'm guessing the 
driver is self contained.  I'm trying these out now in a location that stays 
lit 24/7.  They are VERY bright.  We will see.

Dave O.

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Hey, I'm all in agereement on those headlights. And I'll even say I think
they should not be allowed. Especially on a dark highway, I must
concentrate at NOT staring at the oncoming lights, but to keep my eyes on
my side of the road.

I once spoke with a woman getting into a car with those lights on it. She
said she loved them. Her lights also followed the steering and turned as
the car turned. Sounds like problems ahead when the system gets stuck. It
reminds me of the somewhat sporty pop-up headlights. I've seem many of them
with one up & one down, both at night & during the day. I don't think they
make those pop-ups any more, which is probably a good thing.
John S.

On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 4:35 PM, Bill Heffley 

> Concerning LED lighting, please excuse my ignorance.
> I am wondering if cars that have intense blue headlights are
> running LED, and if that is possible to do.  Those generate an
> intense spotlight that has a bluish tint and is easily distinguished
> from more traditional white car headlight.  To my eyes, they are
> extremely annoying in oncoming traffic at night - from the front or
> back.  The driver benefits.  Everyone else suffers.
> Bill in Puerto Rico
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