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1. The noise reduction is not as high quality as Audition's noise
reduction. I've tried using it and if it is a low level noise it seems to
work fine. If there is a bit then it has some issues. I had trouble
removing tape hiss from a program.  I've tested it in a few other scenarios
and also had issues. Or maybe there are tricks I don't know about.

2. I also had issues with the time compress. If a file needs to be time
compressed I couldn't find a way to tell the software what I wanted the
final result to be. If I remember correctly I had to compress by a
percentage. Audition allows me to tell the software I want this to be 1560
seconds long when finished. Also the quality of the compress didn't see to
be as good on Audacity. It couldn't be compressed as much before audible
problems crept in.

3. The multitrack is kind of clunky. Really more of a preference though. It
seems you can do everything you need in the Audacity mutitrack mode, it
just seemed to take longer to do everything. Part of that is experience
with the software I'm sure. Just didn't see as user friendly. This aspect
is only a preference.

As I tell all our new churches looking at audio editors. Audacity is free;
download it and try it out. If you have issues with it then try the
Audition free trial. No point in paying for what you don't need. I also
always tell them they can buy an old copy of audition. They don't need to
get the latest and greatest.

On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 8:55 AM, Mark Murdock <mark@celebrationradio.com>wrote:

> Yeah, there's nothing wrong with using old software that still does the
> job.  We use SoundForge version 6 around here, which was new in 2001 I
> think.  I use Audacity every day and am very happy with it.  I don't have
> much experience with the latest and greatest from Audition or others, but
> Audacity is multi-track, has all the bells and whistles I need (eq,
> compression, normalization, etc.)  It has a noise reduction feature, but I
> don't use it much and I don't know how it compares with others.  You can
> set it up for an automatic timed recording and sound activated recording if
> you need to. One very nice feature I've had to use recently that seems to
> work very well is "clip fix".  If you have a recording that has been
> overdriven and has clipped peaks, it can restore those peaks for you.  You
> normalize your file to -10 or -12 to give it the headroom it needs, then
> select the "clip fix" and it will clean things up for you!  I don't know in
> what sense Audacity hasn't "caught up" with the others - maybe someone here
> can tell me about all the inadequacies of Audacity compared to Audition or
> something, but I have trouble imagining that the other programs are so much
> better that it justifies the cost.  I'm a cheapskate, and if I can do a
> good job with a free open source program, I see no reason I should pay a
> lot to do the same thing with something else.
> Mark Murdock
> Web: www.celebrationradio.com
> E-Mail: mark@celebrationradio.com
> (209)723-1015
> On 6/16/2012 7:38 AM, WBRadiolists@aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 6/14/2012 5:36:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>> 940kgms@gmail.com writes:
>>  Ah, I was thinking there was another name I should look under, but
>> couldn't
>>>  think of what it was. CoolEdit was so long ago.
>> I had to chuckle when I read this. :) I *STILL* use Cool Edit 2000... and
>> plan to KEEP using it until the Rapture. :) I paid for it, I'm gonna use
>> it!
>> (It does everything I need, and does it extremely well!)
>> I also find it interesting that Audacity still hasn't fully "caught-up"
>> even with a 12+ year old app! ;)
>> Willie...
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