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>>> "J. Epperson" <epperj@bellsouth.net> 10/14/2009 1:38 PM >>>
If your listeners are major iPhones users then perhaps this could=20
useful. But I have not seen any hard data linking iPhone users to=20
Christian radio listening and a downloader is not necessarily a user,=20
especially if it is free or if they can choose someone other than your=20
station to listen to with the app.. In my mind it is a shot in the dark.
Content Content Content is still the king for attracting and keeping=20
audience/listeners. So if "24" were only available over wet kite string,=20=

people would install wet kite string to see it because they want it. (I=20
have watched that program twice and not my cup O tea :-}
And if it using up their minutes by calling a # then I really cant see=20
this going far or the phone companies will start adjusting the rates=20

Bruce Potterton wrote:
> We had Jacobs Media create and iPhone app for us. It works with an mp3
> stream that our stream provider, Streamaudio provides at no additional
> charge.
> So far it has worked very well, and over 2,100 people have downloaded
> our free app.  =20
> We are going to have Jacobs Media create a Blackberry app for us soon.
> Jacobs charges $1700 to $2000 depending on which app you want.
> http://www.jacapps.com/radio.asp=20
> http://streamaudio.com=20
> Bruce Potterton
> http://ksgn.com
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> From: Christina Willits [mailto:940kgms@gmail.com]=20
> Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 4:37 PM
> My GM wants to look at getting into cell phone streaming and I don't
> know
> much about it. How do these work? There seems to be lots of different
> methods. Apps, using a service where the listener calls into a phone
> number,
> a site called the Mobile Stream Center, and I am sure there are other
> things. Surely someone has looked into this.
> My understanding on the apps was that basically you find an app that
> will
> it. Then the listener is able to listen to your (and anyone else's)
> stream.
> My GM talking to his programmer son was under the understanding that it
> would be something the we would pay to have an app coded for each of the
> different phone types and then they'd be able to listen to our stream.
> Christina
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