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There was some pcs I reused, but only if the board was partially summerged.=
  The rest went in the trash except for some RAM or maybe a video/audio car=
d. =20

No fun!! =20

from Dan @ KELA-KMNT Radio in Centralia WA USA

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From: John Graham [mailto:john@wfcj.com]=20
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 7:51 AM
To: CRTech
Subject: [CRTech] cleaning flooded equipment


This maybe a useless effort but I'm willing to try and see if it can be sav=
ed for some use. This pass weekend a station that I contract with had a fla=
sh flood and flooded the basement and took out the production studio with
5 feet of water. The automation computer was covered with water and mud. Th=
e power to the studio was cut off by the water so the computer had no power=
 to it when the water flooded it. I have the computer at home and mud is co=
vering the inside.

I would like to see if I can restore the computer to some use but not for o=
n air usage. Does anyone have an ideas on what products can be used to clea=
n mud off equipment without damaging. I think the HD maybe bad. I don't kno=
w how well they seal.
Fans maybe a problem but I won't know until I can get some power on it. The=
 network card and remote control card is covered in mud and I hope to wipe =
them off and reuse them.

Thanks for any ideas.

John Graham
Dayton, Ohio=20

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