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10 Reasons You Don't Need Vista Today
by: Will Smith
You're sick of Windows XP. We are too, but Vista isn't a panacea for your PC 
problems. We have some compelling arguments for waiting a few months before 
you upgrade.

Brace yourself. The largest Microsoft marketing campaign ever is gearing up 
to try to convince you the time is right to switch to Vista. But for most 
people, there's no reason to rush out on January 30 to buy the fledgling 
operating system. Even though Vista is ready for people with relatively 
simple machine configurations, the more components your rig has, the more 
likely you are to encounter trouble.

Vista isn't perfect right now, but it will improve with time. Hardware and 
software vendors will introduce better drivers and compatibility patches. 
New applications will be written with Vista in mind. After several months, 
you'll be able to get new versions of crucial software, such as antivirus 
apps, as well as updates to your current products. In fact, you'd probably 
be better served by doubling up your upgrade and moving to new hardware and 
the new OS at the same time.
Still not convinced you should wait? Read on.


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WMPC Radio
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> Anyone played with the new windows that just cam out... is it any better
> than XP and is it worth switching now?? or is it to buggy still???
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