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I think I started this because the BSI systems I installed all had something
called Cool Edit LE on them, and it worked great for this purpose. Since it
didn't cost anything extra, I went that route.

Amazingly, none of my current stations has even a phone hybrid in the on-air
studio, much less an on-air system. One station has no hybrid at all! At the
others, you'd have to do the phone interview in the newsroom or prod and
bring up the room on the control room console for it to get on the air.


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> Somebody give me some ideas about how to set up a system to make 
> recording and playing back phone bits easy for a live on-air jock. 
>  I know about VoxPro, but is there an easier / simpler / cheaper 
> way to go?  We have a Telos 2x12 in the studio and use Sound Forge 
> for general recording and editing chores.
> Thanks for any ideas!
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