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1. Your dish is not 2 degree compliant.
2. Your dish is not aimed correctly.
3. Polarity adjustment is off.
4. Dish is warped.
5. Your focal point is not set correctly. This is the distance from the 
center of the dish to the edge of the feedhorn.
6. The feedhorn is not centered correctly above the dish.

Any, or any combination, of these problems will cause your symptoms. Good 
luck. Bad coax is at the bottom of my list of possible cures.

Jerry Mathis
Clear Channel Radio, Tupelo & Meridian MS

>From: "KMOC" <keith@kmocfm.com>
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>Subject: [CRTech] CRC problems
>Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 07:35:17 -0500
>howdy folks....
>i'm back...and i have the same problem.
>my unity will drop out for 2 or 3 hours each day...sometimes to carrier
>search status.
>i have a different unity 4000 hooked up beside my old one...both do the 
>thing at the same time...readings may differ a bit, but they both drop and
>rise at the same time....the times are fairly consistent ...late morning to
>early or mid afternoon....but it has happened in the evening as well.
>we have replaced the lnb, and have installed a c-band filter.  no
>improvement.  we have replaced about half the coax.
>we have not 1)relaced all the coax or 2) realigned the dish.
>which would you recomend first...which would be more likely to be the
>i am ready for the next round of possible solutions.
>by the way...i am not the engineer...so he pretty much has say of what he
>wants to do next, but with your input, maybe i can help him hone in.
>i keep looking for rod serling and a signpost........
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