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In a message dated 1/22/05 7:47:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
jwelton@nautel.com writes:
> John, a couple of things come to mind.
> First, if your phone system displays time and trunk number on incoming
> calls, have the receptionists start to track that.  If you have SMDR
> (Station Message Detail Recording) on the system, this might also point you
> to a specific trunk or circuit in the phone system. Also, at the demarc
> (where the phone lines enter your building and break out for the phone
> system, check to see if you have one of those surge protection interfaces
> with the screw in arrestors - those frequently go bad and cause intermittent
> operation - the protector looks like a rectangular block with a grid of
> brass screws in it.  Best guess based on the symptom is that there's a loose
> connection down the line somewhere and that cold or wet weather is causing
> the static... It may take awhile by I think you will find that it is more or
> less isolated to a specific trunk.  
> Just some thoughts...
> Jeff Welton (current company phone system maintainer and ex-telco PABX tech)
> Nautel Ltd.

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