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I'll continue to play with it both at home (Mac) and on my internet machine
here at work (Windows.) If/when I get a Linux box up and running, I'll try
it over there too. I think they have the start of a very good product, and
cross platform Windows/Mac/Linux compatibility is definitely a feature.

I have an upgrade of Audition in house now, ready to install when our
production machine is upgraded later this year. I tried to install it to see
if it would work on the current one, but when they say it won't run on NT4,
they mean it. The installer checks the OS and refuses to install. So I've
got to wait to play with it.


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> I agree with Willie that the beauty of Cool Edit (in two-track
> mode) is that
> it's like "Word" for audio files. You can use as many of the features you
> want to, or use only the basic record, trim, cut, paste, save, etc. I have
> taken advantage of the upgrade offer from Adobe and upgraded our Cool 2000
> installations to Adobe Audition. Some folks still use 2000, because it's
> familiar, but I've told them that if anything goes wrong I'm only
> supporting
> Audition.
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