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I've had the WORK virus for some time.  There is no cure, and the files
cannot be completely erased.  I've found that some other programs are
particularly effective in keeping it from consumming all your resourses.

Install BEER periodically.  It tends to interrupt and suppress WORK, and for
short periods of time you can actually forget that WORK ever entered your
life.  Alas the effects of BEER are short term, and installing BEER too
often tends to interrupt and suppress just about everything.

Other useful routines are found in your HOBBIES folder.  As you know I
execute BAND regularly.  It provides a most adequate suppression of WORK and
tends not to interfere with other useful routines.  SPORTSFAN and RELIGION
work almost as well, but they tend to consume more resourses, and take
entire weekends to complete, usually when WORK isn't running anyway.  A
warning, though, escaping from WORK with too many HOBBIES tends to be habit
forming and can compete with other maintenance routines such as SLEEP,
HEALTH, and otherwise can disrupt beneficial background activity.

I suggest that letting WORK run is unavoidable once infected, but as long as
you have access to competing programs, that WORK can be tolerated until it
completes and uninstalls itself.  That normally takes about 40 years.  I've
heard of people that have uninstalled WORK, or had it involuntarily
uninstalled for them, and it disables many routines.  HOBBIES is
particularly hard hit. It can even cause your HOME key to be unavailable.
The only solution seems to be (as hard as this is to hear) to reinstall WORK
and maintain as before.

The Best Buy therapy is one I haven't tried.  When I hit my mid-life
interrupt I may give it a go.
Until an antivirus program can extract WORK and prevent collateral damage, I
suggest we carefully maintain it.   Just in case I'm wrong, when you go to
Best Buy, give me a call.  I need to see this work.

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